Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Peppa Pig World

Last September we took at trip down south for a family wedding and to visit Tom's side of the family who live in Dorset and Surrey. We also took this opportunity to treat Rosie to a wee day out at Peppa Pig world as she has recently discovered that wee pig and had taken quite a liking. A relationship that has further developed and has now encompassed the whole family's life.


As it was a while back I really can't remember what day we went on but I think it was Tuesday or Thursday, it wasn't the weekend that is for sure. We arrived there about 10.30am and although there were quite a few cars there already finding a space was no problem. I imagine in peak seasons it can get very busy by the size of the car parks.

We had booked our tickets online for a slightly reduced rate (around £22, pretty pricey but children under 1m get in free, so ironically it was only me and Tom that had to cough up) so we just had to show our e tickets at the kiosk and there was no queue. Once in the park we then went in search of Peppa and her friends.


Peppa Pig World is situated within Paulton's Park, a family theme park, and although we really didn't get chance to have a look round it seemed there was a great variety of rides to suit all ages and a day or two could easily be spent there.


We finally heard the Peppa theme tune in the distance and then Peppa came in to view on a pedestal that went high in the sky. I was very impressed with my first sightings, everything looked so clean! Rosie was absolutely amazed, the look on her face was priceless and she just kept saying "look, Peppa pig!"


I won't go over each ride individually but there was about 10 Peppa themed rides such as "Daddy pig's Car" and "Grandpa Pigs boat". Bearing in mind that Rosie was under 2 at the time, there was only one ride she wasn't allowed on and she was only just a teeny bit small.

As well as all the rides they also have a massive indoor soft play barn which you could easily spend a good 2 hours in itself. They also have lots of picture opportunity spots such as The School House. Giant Peppa and George come out to see the children about three times a day. Rosie was initially amazed when she saw Peppa but did not like it when Peppa tried to give her a hug!


One thing that could definitely be improved is the food options, there is a very small kiosk style cafe but it just sold hot drinks and sandwiches at an extortionate rate. There are some other cafe's around the park but again they are so expensive. I would recommend that you take a wee picnic along, as there is a lot of seating. There was also an area where you could park up your buggy but it was at your own risk.


As I said we arrived there around 10.30 and left at 15.30 mainly due to the fact that it started raining really bad, we could have easily spent another couple of hours in there. So even though it is pricey you do get your money's worth and I found it a great place to entertain a toddler for a whole day, something that is very hard to find! There is also the rest of the park for older children to enjoy, with a bit more daring rides.


And Rosie's favourite bit - dancing next to a speaker that played the theme tune and chasing her shadow of course!!!! Typical Tod!


Would I go back? Yes, definitely. It was well worth it. I would like to go back maybe on a warmer day as a few attractions were obviously seasonal. They even have a small water feature area with sprinklers and such where you can let them run around in swimming gear for hotter days.


If you have any questions about Peppa Pig World then please just leave a comment as I have probably missed a lot of information out as it was a while back we visited.

Sophie XoX


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