Monday, 4 February 2013

Groceries #1

So I thought I would start taking pictures of my weekly shop and sharing my meal plans. Sort of similar to the YouTube haul videos as I really enjoy them and love to see what everyone buys. I am one of those people that stare at other people's shopping at the check out! I might do also do a weekly meal plan or may just stick to What I ate Wednesdays.

Fairy washing liquid (bargain at £4 from Asda!)

Alpro Hazelnut Milk

Baby leaf salad

Warburton's pitta

Hovis Best of Both loaf

Seabrooke multi pack crisps




Choc chip cookies

Bertolli spread

Quickies nail polish remover



Raspberry jam

Pink lady apples

Greek style yoghurt with honey

Light mayo

Smoked bacon

Chicken burgers

Cumberland sausages

Chicken mini fillets

Dry cured ham

Total cost : approx £28, all from Asda.

Sophie XoX




  1. I love this! I am soo nosey and love seeing what other people buy. £28 is pretty darn cheap! We only have Tesco on the Isle of Man, so it's a bit dearer.

    Looking forward to spending some of my maternity leave reading your blog this week!
    Amy x

  2. Thanks love, this is only really a half week shop. I thought I would have to go back and get more stuff but actually not doing to badly at all. I think it may get us to Friday! Going to have to be imaginative with tea tomorrow night though I think.

    I fluctuate between tesco, Asda and Aldi.

    Had a good read of you blog today and really enjoyed it! XoX