Tuesday, 19 February 2013

7 days


Bump watch // drying clothes outside! // immense Valentines dessert// The aftermath of a yummy dinner // braids // gardening fun


A boring work day so nothing much happened at all, in fact all I did when I finished was go for an epic nap. I was in such a deep sleep that I woke up in a puddle of drool! Sexy. Thats when you know you have had a good sleep though! Mum and dad dropped Rosie off, so I caught up with them over a cuppa and heard about Rosie's antics that day.



This week Tom came with us on our weekly swimming trip. Rosie really loved having both mummy and daddy there. It also meant that she could go on the big slide with out any drama, thought she only wanted to go down twice. One thing I love about our local pool is the indoor pool joins on to an out door pool which is open all year round. This meant that we could go for an outside swim - it was so refreshing as the air was so cold and crisp yet we were surrounded by the warmth of the water. After swimming we headed home for lunch and then to be honest we didnt do that much. I spent the afternoon taking pictures and putting things on ebay, I find it such a tedious task! I did however manage to eat a whole packet of chocolate digestives through out the day!



Another work day for me but luckily I finish at 12, I came home and we decided to get on with some packing. Todays room of choice was Rosie's. It was quite nice being able to go through all her wee trinkets and what not, and looking at photos of her as a teeny baby. It seems like yesterday she was a little bundle in my arms. We also woke up to a blanket of snow today, probably a couple of inches which we were delighted with as even though we live a stones throw away from the beginning of the Scottish highlands we have had literally no snow this winter. I think every where in the UK has been covered in the stuff and all we get is slush rain! It was so nice just to sit on the sofa with a cuppa and watch the snow fall out the window.



We never really do anything to celebrate valentines day but this year I decided to stop off at Tesco's on the way home and pick up some bits and bobs for a special dinner. I decided to go for steak and chips, a classic. Obviously because I am pregnant, I am not drinking alcohol at the moment so I picked up a bottle of Appletize for a substitue. My dessert consitised of a crepe filled with banana, nutella and chocolate ice cream and topped with whipped double cream (pictured above) which nearly tipped me over the edge, I was so full and in repayment for my greed I was given a lovely case of heart burn. It was horrendous, I had actually forgotten how painful it was.



The morning was spent doing a few household chores and looking for inspiration for out meal plan as it was grocery shopping day. I hate thinking what to have for dinner - I feel like we just have a handful of choices that are on constant rotation, so if you have any yummy recipes or dinner ideas please feel free to share. We headed out for a bite of lunch and then took Rosie to the park for a run around before hitting the shops. If you are interested in what we bought then take a look at my groceries post.

It was such a lovely day that I actually managed to get my washing outside for the first in what feels like forever. I always find that your washing feels and smells so much better when its been dried outside. Because of the lovely weather we decided we should make the most of it and tackle our garden, in particular the bit round the front. I really wish I had taken a before picture because it was unreal. This particular patch has been the center of dispute with us as I am not really sure its our responsibily but the people who service the rest of the area dont want anything to do with it either so it has gone for nearly 3 years pretty much neglected. As we are moving out soon and knew the landlord would have perspective new tennents having a look round we though we best tackle it. Iknow absolutely nothing about gardening, not a bloody clue, what I did know is that I wasnt going near it without a pair of gardening gloves - luckily Aldi had some cute flower print ones for £1.99

I went out expecting to do an hour or so of weeding and ended up out there until it was dark, I have to say I got pretty in to it, especially when our neighbour let us borrow his hedge cutter things. As soon as I had those in my hands I was away - like a small child with a fringe - just cutting anything in sight. The picture above is Tom standing next to the massive pile of bushes that we had chopped back. Tom is 6ft 4! I was supposed to be taking in easy but of course over did myself and had to have a good long soak in the bath to help those poor muscles. Needles to say I went out like a light that night.


Today was my first wedding of the year so I was up at dawn's cracking getting everything together before heading out to the brides house. I cannot express how much I love my job - its amazing doing something you really enjoy, getting to meet lots of new people and getting paid for it. The icing on the cake is that I have an actual genuine reason for buying shit loads of make up (added bonus is the Pro Discount!). The bridal party were lovely and the bride decided to go for a smokey eyed Kim Kardashian look which I really enjoyed doing, she looked a million dollars and after looking in the mirror said it was exactly the look she had picture in her head, that always puts a smile on my face. The adorable Mother of the Bride had even gone to the trouble of knitting a wee cardi, hat, mits and booties for the bump. I nearly cried at her kindness!

After "work" I headed home, had some lunch and then we went back out to the garden again. Tom also did a 3 skip runs and the pile looked like it hadnt been touched. His mum, dad, sister and our nephew came down in the afternoon which Rosie was thrilled about as she could run wild causing chaos with her cousin. It also meant that she was worn out, by tea time she could hardly keep her eyes open and to be honest me and Tom were feeling the same so we decided on a cheeky chippy tea which was delicious before an early night.



I woke up on Sunday and the sun was literally blazing through the window so I hopped (scrambled) out of bed chucked some clothes on and went out in the garden with Rosie. We did the final lot of gardening which took us about 3 hours before heading in for some lunch. It was so warm that I was able to take my jumper off and be quite warm in a vest top. Its amazing how much the weather can change your spirits. It made me even more excited for the summer months. I have been quite stressed out of late but I just found that it cleared my head and made me feel really happy and full of life. A feeling that was quickly stolen by the afternoons task of business admin and worse still - sorting out my accounts. The one downside to running your own business. If I was a better person I would be much more organised and stay on top of things but lets face it - I am not. I can think of a million better things to do with my time. In fact I am suppose to be finishing off my accounts right at this moment. Tom very kindly got the dinner ready whilst I was surround by various screens, notepads, invoices, calculators, shouting obscenities and such like. After dinner, we got Rosie to bed and then did some TV watching/ Blog reading before heading to bed. Wild.


Love Sophie xox



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