Friday, 25 January 2013

What I ate Wednesday

I am always so curious to see what other people eat on a daily basis and love all the foodie Instagram pics, so I thought I would start doing these as a regular post.


Hope you enjoy the 1st instalment!


I always like to mix my breakfasts up as I seem to get bored of them easily. Normally I mix it up between porridge, toast, scrambled eggs and yoghurt.

Today's choice was toast and scrambled eggs accompanied by a big cup of coffee.




It was a cold, bitter day so some soup was needed. In this case Heinz Tomato - a classic - accompanied with a buttered roll.


So it's obvious that today was not one of healthy choices and I just had to indulge with some mini eggs.



A warm comfort dinner was needed and in this case it was chill con carne and a jacket potato. It was a super easy dinner too as it was a left over freezer portion! Yum!


As you will have realised this post is named what I ate Wednesday but it is now Friday. I am a couple of days behind this week due to.... Well, life! Things will be back on track next week!


Love Sophie XoX




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